Do you have to book your visit online?

Online bookings are not compulsory but we strongly recommend that you reserve your tickets. You may buy your ticket directly at reception at the Pont d’Arc Cavern subject to availability.


How long does the visit last?

The guided tour of the cavern lasts 50 minutes. Your visit to the Aurignacian Gallery without a guide lasts at least 45 minutes. You may visit this centre before or after your visit to the cavern.

Is the site accessible for visitors with reduced mobility, wheelchairs or strollers?

The entire site (including the cavern) is accessible by wheelchair and stroller.

Free Entry to the Prehistoric Museum

Your ticket for the Pont d’Arc Cavern will provide you access (free entry to the Prehistoric Museum at the Grand Site of Aven d’Orgnac. This offer is valid for 7 days following your visit to the Cavern and not available on the Aven d’Orgnac online ticket sales website.

Discount for the Pont du Gard

Show your Caverne Ticket and save one euro on the Pont du Gard ticket. Offer valid within 7 days after visiting the Pont d’Arc Cavern. Not available on the Pont du Gard online ticket booking.


Are there any reduced rates?

Our prices are those displayed. No further reduction is possible.

Do we need to book tickets for children who have free entry?

Children less than 10 years of age are considered as visitors in their own right. Therefore, you need to book a ticket for all children within your group.

Cancellation/ Transfers

Tickets are non-transferrable. They are also non-refundable beyond the14-day statutory cancellation period.


Are animals allowed?

Animals are not allowed anywhere on the site.

What temperature is it inside the Cavern?

The temperature inside the Cavern is about 16°C. In summer, we advise you to bring a jacket or a sweater to avoir thermal shock when entering the Cavern.